1100pcs Acrylic Letter Beads for Any Name on Pacifier Chain Clips 15 Shapes Alphabet Beads for Baby Education Toys DIY Bracelets


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Material: : Acrylic
Brand Name: : booshqi
Model Number: : 1100pcs letter beads
Size of box: : 17.5*10*2.2cm
Product shape: : Various shapes
Size of letter beads: : Square beads: 6*6mm; Round beds: 4*7mm
Item: : 26 English Letter Beads DIY 1100pcs
Application 1: : Letter beads for Any Name on Pacifier Chain Clip
Application 2: : Letter beads for Bracelets
Application 3: : Letter beads for Anklets
Application 4: : Letter beads for Jewelry
Application 5: : Baby Education Toys DIY

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A box of 1100pcs