Dear customer

**We are very keen to be partners so we have made the store multi-vendor
Through this page you can identify the advantages that the seller receives after opening a seller account

1- Add products

2- Follow the sales bills

3- Full control of the sales invoice

4- Create your own link in the name of the store for easy communication with your customers where the link unfortunately belongs to all your products

5- Add your own logo

6- The number of products is not limited

7- PAYMENT METHOD PayPal is paid directly to your account and the shop deducts it from any sale 5 %

8- Add a profile definition

9- Make daily reports on all sales movements related to the seller’s account

*The vendor account is added to the updates permanently and the customer will be notified via email registrar with each update

Demo Account


user name: DEMO

password : DEMO*ASTORE2018