Free shipping is the most important characteristic of the store

  • We are always looking for the best in order to continue with our valued customers
  • So we decided to go to the carton shop after having worked in the field of foreign trade for more than 15 year

  • This store was the fruit of this continuous effort
    We have decided on the board of the store to be a permanent shipment to all customers and to all countries of the world free
  • Our products are also carefully selected to meet the customer’s desire
  • Continuous work with you always needs your trust and we are always looking for you for that.
  • Just purchase you will receive the shipment tracking number directly
  • The shipping process takes from 3 business days to 7 days
  • Customer is entitled to return the product if it does not meet the specifications purchased
  • The customer is entitled to claim the amount that was purchased after the return process and the product arrived at the seller. It takes 30 business days
  • Of the terms of the product and return the amount of the product does not damage due to misconduct by the client and is entitled to run the store to review the customer to this matter
  • Hope all our customers will enjoy within the store.