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In-store contact information is important for customers
On the client before the purchase make sure the following
Store address: Must be a full address from the city to the shop number
If the customer finds the address of a shop and the full income of the site, this indicates the authenticity of the store
See the full registered address I have in our store



Does the phone number increase the trust of customers?

Of course this is true
But not a requirement to show the phone number on the store means that the store can receive a call through this number registered in front of the client, the store may contract with the technical support companies and it is the responsibility of the response to customers to show the phone number is necessary to win the customer’s trust, Contact via this number can be communicated through other means must be clarified by the management of the store
See the picture to learn about our communication

The means of communication with our client and registered phone and the
However, the store’s customer contact with the customer during the 24/07/361 hours is the registered and apparent emile at the store
Note: If you are forced to visit the store, you can contact us to arrange your appointment


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