Terms and Conditions of Use of the Astore

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Astore

Terms and conditions of use of the site astore.icu

Terms and conditions of use of the site astore.icu

Terms of use change from time to time, and if such changes are made, the site astore.icu will display notifications for the user to be aware of. The user continues to use the website astore.icu based on the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as modified from time to time for better service and higher quality. Any breach of this agreement by the customer / subscriber may result in his account being suspended without prior notice and no refunds in some cases.

The official price of the sellers’ subscribers

Products must be real and tangible recharged at varying prices according to the goods offered by the supplier, and the seller can offer several products in different sections, plus the percentage of the site 5% on all its products are deducted in the case of selling directly from the seller’s account taking into account that the price Displayed on the website screen is the selling price, which is deducted from the customer only.

2 The seller may pay monthly fees at the beginning of each month for his sales if he does not wish to pay 5% of the price of the item sold monthly subscription fee of 5 $ per month minimum subscription and ends at $ 1000 per month maximum maximum features for each price will be put on a page dedicated to fees Monthly subscription .

Protect users

  • The management of the site astore.icu is obliged to protect the buyer from fraud or not to provide service to him, provided that the correspondence and agreement are all within the request at the astore.icu site and be in compliance with all terms of use.
  • In cases of account termination due to a breach or doubt of the management of astore.icu, astore.icu reserves the right to request personal documents, phone numbers and any other information confirming the identity of the user and after which the administration has the right to recalculate or continue to suspend it according to the available information. In order to preserve the privacy of the suspended user.
  • By subscribing to astore.icu you agree to the judgment of the site astore.icu in the problems that occur between the seller and the buyer, neither party may object to astore.icu’s ruling in any way the problem, and this provision is fully binding on the parties.
  • Sometimes astore.icu site requests personal documents. To verify the identity of the user or verify the payment method used in the purchase from the site, and if not sent the site remains on the account with the balance in case of off.
  • In the event that the buyer is not satisfied with the service and the seller can not prove what he has done, the buyer should inform the technical support and the site will refund the amount from the seller if the site management decided to do so.
  • astore.icu A market for the sale and purchase of tangible and rechargeable products. The site should not be used as a means of remittance (shipping via PayPal or credit card and purchase of a remittance service). In such cases, the infringing orders will be canceled and the balance returned for the same shipping method used.
  • If you have any problems, please contact Astore.icu to open a ticket in the Help Center. It is the shortest and best way to guarantee your rights, not by filing a complaint to PayPal because it is considered fraudulent as long as the user has not filed a complaint. Clear astore.icu.

Fraud, theft and use of stolen Paypal accounts

Because users use PayPal accounts and stolen bank cards to pay for our users’ rights to the site, we will have to cancel these transactions and deduct them from the seller’s account.

The best solution to avoid these situations is not to perform the services in one day, waiting at least 24 hours, the period when the notice of PayPal or payment gateway arrives with a scam and theft.

Reasons to stop the account in astore.icu

Astore.icu reserves the right to permanently freeze or suspend any account, account termination is due to illegal or inappropriate use of the site’s services.

Users may receive an alert for violating terms and conditions or any inappropriate use of the site. The alert is reached by the user on the site or via the associated email. The alert does not stop the activity of the account, but it may cause the account to be permanently suspended according to the severity of the violation.

Violation of the terms of use in astore.icu may result in permanent account termination.

Sellers will be able to withdraw their legitimate earnings from suspended accounts after a 45-day verification and review security period, from the last payment received in their accounts and subject to astore.icu’s discretion. . The user must provide us with a high profile image.

Any violation of the condition or condition of astore.icu

  • Damage the site of astore.icu or its users by any means, as well as the theft of or damage to any seller or buyer
  • Posting any private information that is not available to the same user as text or images such as messages within orders between the seller and the buyer, or technical support ticket messages. This is a violation of astore.icu’s privacy and will cause the account to be permanently disabled.
  • Promotion, advertising, advertising, requests, sales, similar sites astore.icu
  • Deliver the product and get the money before fully implemented completely.
  • Exploitation of the seller to ignorant of the buyer of the product and try to circumvent it or vice versa.
  • Use a stolen Paypal account
  • Use more than one Paypal account.
  • Use a stolen credit card to pay.
  • Use the same payment method in more than one account.
  • Request to handle or communicate outside the site of astore.icu or to develop communication means such as email or phone, or to perform the service outside the private messages without need.
  • Abuse any other user or hand inside or outside astore.icu in any way.
  • Try to scam the site of astore.icu or its users in any way.
  • To act as an intermediary between a seller and a buyer within astore.icu, so that he receives the payment from the buyer and delivers it to the seller himself, this command displays the three accounts of the suspension.
  • Sign up with more than one account on the site and this displays all user accounts to stop.
  • Use more than one person for the same account, the account astore.icu individual, and the user is committed at registration that he will use only and is responsible for all transactions that take place through it.
  • Select the user for a country other than the country where he lives on his personal page.
  • The sale of the account at astore.icu, when the discovery of the sale of any account is stopped directly with all the balance and can not be used by any party.
  • The young man is registered as a girl or vice versa.

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